Jeanine is a life-long dog lover with a passion for assisting dog handlers toward understanding and effectively communicating with their canine companions.  As a Dog Trainer with a charismatic and personable nature, Jeanine strives toward making training fun! In her approach, she stresses what is referred to as “calm confidence” between the dog and human. Jeanine also uses her approach to dog training when it comes to communicating her knowledge to clients in a manner that is not only straight-forward, but kind and easy-to-understand.

Jeanine spent the start of her career by observing and working with various Dog Trainers, and continues to broaden her skills and knowledge to this day. With a fascination for the field and an aspiration toward learning. Jeanine took the accumulated knowledge she’s gathered from books and observation and put them into practice by working with dogs and their handlers.  

Jeanine gained much of her hands on experience through extended volunteer work at TCRAS (Teller County Regional Animal Shelter), where she spent 4 years growing her expertise by working with the dogs there in an effort toward making them more suitable for adoption.  She saw something special in the dogs labeled as “difficult” or aggressive”, and as a result spent a great deal of her time focusing on those who she feels lack confidence and are craving structure, stability and direction.

Jeanine Carey

Training Manager at Above the Clouds Siberian Service Dogs & Yakutian Laikas

(530) 434- 0784

  • Charissa Trainer

Charissa Lewis was born in Tucson, AZ and spent her childhood dreaming of being a dolphin or tiger trainer. Charissa has always loved learning about and interacting with animals especially dogs and horses. She is very passionate about animal welfare and conservation. Charissa received her Bachelor’s degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology in 2003 from the University of AZ. While in college, she volunteered for Tucson Wildlife Center rescuing and rehabilitating all types of native wildlife including raptors, bobcats, javelina and raccoons! She loved it so much she stayed for 5 years and became a senior volunteer who trained new volunteers. In 2016 she decided to attend the Animal Behavior College’s Dog Training program and graduated as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer in 2017. Charissa started volunteering at TCRAS in Woodland Park, Colorado during her ABC schooling, and is still volunteer there to this day. Charissa has completed her Externship for ABC at Colorado Dog Works under Sarah Fricke. Since obtaining my certification she has worked with All Breed Rescue in Colorado Springs, Above the Clouds Siberian Service Dogs, My Life Unleashed and Furry Friends Dog Training of Woodland Park doing basic/intermediate obedience, CGC classes and service dog training.

Charissa Lewis

Certified Professional Dog Trainer at Above the Clouds Siberian Service Dogs & Yakutian Laikas

(520) 481-8527

*Please contact a trainer of your choice for further information and questions regarding training.

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